Farmforce set to place sustainable production in conference limelight


The Farmforce organisation has confirmed its World Confectionery Conference speaker for 2023 will be its head of sustainability, Pilar Castillo, who will draw upon her extensive experience working with industry to improve environmental approaches.

As the company noted, Pilar has extensive international experience in business consulting, corporate sustainability, and impact investment. Throughout her career, Pilar has been a keen advocate for sustainable value creation that benefits all stakeholders and agriculture in emerging markets. Pilar studied Economics at the University of Bristol and holds an MBA specialising in Strategic Carbon Management from the University of East Anglia.

Pilar will be appearing at this year’s World Confectionery Conference on 5 October, alongside a speaker list that includes Caobisco European confectionery trade body, Ferrero, Nestle, Cargill, and major equipment and ingredients groups, as well as independent manufacturers including Royal Duyvis Wiener, Cama packaging, Luker Chocolate, GNT, Fairtrade, York Cocoa House and Baker Perkins machinery group. There will also be a sustainability themed QandA session for our event, alongside a further activity day on 6 October in York, with York Cocoa House.

Editor Neill Barston said: “We welcome Pilar to our event this year as a major point of focus for how industry can help the sector train its focus on tackling key global issues of deforestation and humanitarian issues such as child labour within supply chains, as enhance farm management and explore its wider role within the value chain. Farmforce will add notably to the diversity of our event, which we believe will offer an engaging day exploring key shared challenges within the sector.” You can register for this year’s conference at