Agenda 2023

Agenda 2023


09.10 Opening Comments

Neill Barston, Editor, Confectionery Production

09.15 Keynote 1

Barbara Blohberger, Vice President, Caobisco

09.40 Waleed Nasir, Sustainability Business Lead, Cargill

10.05 Keynote 2

John Newell, Cocoa Ingredients Advisor, Nestle

10.30 BREAK

11.00 Keynote 3

Mike Hughes, Head of Research and Insight, FMCG Gurus

11.25 Keynote 4

Francesco Tramontin, VP EU institutional Relations and group public policy, Ferrero

11.50 Linda Mather, European Sales Manager, MacIntyre Chocolate Systems

12.10 Jamie Lowe, Head of Sales, Ritter Sport

12.30 Fuad Abubakar Mohammed, UK representative, Ghana Cocoa Board

12.50 LUNCH

13.50 Keynote 5

Sophie Jewett, Managing Director, York Cocoa House

14.15 Keynote 6

Surmaya Talyarkhan, senior sustainable sourcing manager, cocoa, Fairtrade Foundation

14.40 Q & A on Sustainability

Panel: Cama Packaging, Cargill, Ferrero, Luker Chocolate, Plamil

Moderator: Neill Barston

15.25 BREAK

15.50 Richard Hill, Confectionery Process Engineer, Baker Perkins

16.10 Alison Donaldson, Technical Sales Manager, GNT

16.30 Andy Baxendale, Technical Director, Sweetdreams Confectionery

16.50 Pilar Castillo, Head of Sustainability, Farmforce


18.00 Conference Close