The colour of love holds the key for GNT, hailing red as 2021’s major product shade

Colouring food specialists GNT has identified red as the key colour trend for 2021, as a shade that has long held a place in many spheres including within cosmetics, beauty, fashion, film and design, writes Neill Barston

As the Netherlands-based business explained to Confectionery, its chosen shade is considered to spark powerful emotions, and is likely to prove a prominent theme in food and drink launches for next year.

According to GNT, the global pandemic has taken consumers outside their comfort zones, leading them to break free from old habits and search for something new. The company said it believes red can connect with this desire for discovery and help signal the start of a new era.

Associated with sporting dominance, red is a shade that signifies power and energy. It is globally recognised as the colour of love, too, with the ability to fire up strong feelings of passion and desire.

GNT is also highlighting red’s ability to add a sense of excitement and exploration to food and drink, with its appeal among the Instagram generation providing another key reason for the shade’s growing popularity.

Maartje Hendrickx, GNT’s market development manager, said: “Red was the natural choice for our new Love Colour with Exberry campaign. It epitomises human vitality, creating energy, passion and positive action, and brings real excitement to food and drink products. Red is well known for its ability to command instant attention and it’s a colour you won’t be able to ignore in 2021.”

With consumers demanding clean and simple ingredients in their food and drink, GNT offers a range of red Exberry Coloring Foods made from raw materials such as radish, carrot, sweet potato, hibiscus and berries including elderberry and chokeberry.

As with all products within the series, GNT’s red shades are made from fruit, vegetables and edible plants using physical manufacturing processes and no chemical solvents. As a result, they can provide the perfect clean-label replacement for colorants such as the azo dye Allura Red AC and carmine.

GNT also controls the entire Exberry supply chain, enabling the company to guarantee all products meet its rigorous quality and sustainability standards as well as ensuring year-round availability.

Hendrickx added: “Exberry is based on the principle of coloruing food with food, using plant-based pigments to unleash products’ full potential. Trusted by manufacturers all over the world, our Colouring Foods can deliver exceptional shades for practically any food and drink application.”

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