York Cocoa House chocolatiers to lead World Confectionery Conference activity day

York Cocoa House chocolatiers to lead World Confectionery Conference activity day

Visitors to our World Confectionery Conference will have a special opportunity engaging with our second day activities, which form a valuable added optional experience, writes Neill Barston.

As previously reported, attendees at our industry showcase on 5 October, are invited to join our team for the second day exploring the nearby historic city of York, which remains notably proud of its industry status as the ‘UK’s capital of chocolate.”

Having been home to the Rowntree’s confectionery empire, which is now under the banner of Nestlé (and the home of its flagship KitKat range), as well as other famous names of the past including Terry’s, the area is now attracting a new breed of aspiring chocolatiers.

So, the additional element to our event being held on Friday, 6 October, aims to be both enjoyable and educational, offering key insights into confectionery manufacturing within the artisan world.

The sessions are courtesy of York Cocoa House, which over the past decade has made a name for itself for sustainably sourcing cocoa for its chocolate confectionery, as well as playing a prominent role in promoting the local area’s strong food and drink heritage at festivals and events throughout the year. Sophie Jewett, managing director of the business, will be joining the World Confectionery Conference on 5 October (this is the final weekend for early bird reduced rates, which end on 30 April, which you can book directly here), and she will also be leading the activities in York for those that are able to continue with us on 6 October.

Speaking about joining our event, she said: “It’s fantastic that the World Confectionery Conference is coming to Yorkshire, and I am really looking forward to welcoming people here in York. “It feels like there is so much of the industry that surrounds us – over our journey who have had a connection to the area, whether it’s the big companies, or science or learning, so it’s wonderful that we will be seeing people come back to the city.”

As she explained, her own route into the industry came about through being an ‘enthusiastic chocolate lover’ as a child, and her fascination grew from there. After gaining her academic qualifications, the opportunity to startup her own business presented itself through some industry crowdfunding, as previously covered, and it has grown into a thriving enterprise for the region. Moreover, as Sophie noted, there may well have been challenges facing the industry over the past couple of years during the pandemic, yet with conditions much improved, there’s once again a strong sense of optimism within the business as it moves forward

–  6 OCTOBER  – World  Confectionery Conference activity day –  event 1 – 11am – Tour and Tasting of our Chocolate Manufactory and Learning Centre (a complementary event). Participants are invited to join us at York Cocoa Works to see and explore more about our work with premium cocoa beans and ingredients, sharing chocolate education and innovation with visitors. 

Event 2 for 6 October – 1pm – Bean to Bar Chocolate Making Masterclass (£40 per person). Participants can join a special chocolate making workshop as we share the chocolate making process from cocoa beans to chocolate in this hands-on masterclass. The session will explore the inclusion of alternative ingredients, working with premium cocoa and structuring the making process. You will need to book separately from our main conference registration for both these extra events, places will be limited, so please do so via the following direct link www.yorkcocoahouse.co.uk/pages/world-confectionery-conference-2023